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A big thanks to the organising Junta, the performers, and most of all you, the audience for supporting
us on another night of great stories.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date, taking part in or helping organise our next event, or simply want to give us some feedback, then join the mailing list:


Us and Them

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Our next event is on Wednesday 6th of February, in the 13th Note on King Street, Glasgow. £2 on the door. Event starts at 7.30pm.

Are you with Us? Or are you one of Them.

Differences abound everywhere: political, sexual, economic, racial, religious, cultural, sporting. Entertain Us with the rivalries of siblings, cities, countries, worlds. Shed light on what They are really like, because, frankly, We just don’t understand Them at all. Who is that beautiful stranger? A threat, a rival, an ally, a saviour?

Transhumans vs White Trash, Criminals vs Politicos, Aliens vs The Dead. Aren’t we all the same under the skin anyway? Well we know We are, but They’re not.